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Assets under Management

Active and experienced asset management generates value and ensures your investments over the long term.

Asset Management with
Know-How and Experience.

DFH currently manages properties valued at around €3.5 billion in the real estate asset class. Investment properties include domestic and foreign real estate that is generally held by property management companies. The properties in our asset management portfolio are primarily used for commercial purposes. Our goal is to increase the value of your properties over the long term with our expertise in asset management, our targeted use of knowledge, and our outstanding operational performance. We’ve been managing real estate for institutional and private investors since 1992. Due to our many years of experience and expertise, that also includes the investments of Assetando and PFM Private Funds Management.

Investor Service

Do you have questions about your investment or would you like to have your data changed? Then please contact our investor service:

T  +49 711 32 65 300
F  +49 711 28 45 401

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