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Investment Management

It all comes down to
sophisticated management.

With our fund management, we assume responsibility for active management of all the real estate investment products, which includes strategic positioning and ensuring the resulting actions.

Ambitious goals are impossible without a good strategy.

We develop strategies that are the best-possible fit for return, risk, and liquidity goals, always in close coordination with the investors or the companies’ advisory boards.

Good fund management
is our capital.

Fund management is also responsible for managing liquidity and, when it comes to acquiring debt capital, negotiating with banks and other financing partners. We prepare and implement capital increases, fund optimizations, and fund liquidations.

The market consolidation experts.

We provide professional fund management in situations in which this was no longer possible due to resources or costs or no longer desired for strategic reasons.
Thanks to experience in acquiring various issuing companies, we can better use resources and exploit economies of scale.

Nonetheless, our management operations and activities are progressive.

Fund management also refers to commercial management of companies, which includes controllingrisk management, the preparation and implementation of general meetings, and supporting and managing all of the service providers that work for the investment company. In addition to corporate structures, we also assume responsibility for the function of the management team and work closely with investors, trustees, and advisory boards.

This is how you can reach us

If you have any questions about your investment or would like to have your data changed, please get in touch with our investor service:

Our postal address:

DFH Group GmbH
Friedrichstraße 14
70174 Stuttgart

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